SpaceBar Counter 15 Second

The timer will start counting down only after you start pressing the space bar.

Timer: 0 Seconds

You have hit the space bar 0 times.

In the Spacebar Counter 15-second test, the average CPS rate of a person is evaluated by counting the number of times he presses the spacebar key in 15 seconds. Using this spacebar counter timer is super easy since all you have to do is to press the start button and start pressing the spacebar keys for 15 seconds. Try to hit the key as many times as possible to make a new record.

However, making a new record as a newbie is nearly impossible but if you stay consistent and keep practicing for a few weeks, You'll develop a hard-to-beat CPS score.

On the corresponding websites, you get to know about the CPS records made by other users. On breaking the record of a user, you'll win his position in the ranking, and this way, you can grab the topmost position by working harder on your clicking skills.

Why do you need to take 15-seconds spacebar counter test?

This counter-test is a fun way to increase your work and gaming efficiency. Especially if you are a fan of shooting and jumping games, you'll find this quiz quite amazing and fun. You can challenge your friends to break your record or challenge strangers on the TikTok clicking game.

Did you know that the world record for clicking spacebar keys in fifteen seconds is 190 times? Try the test today and find out whether you could be the next record holder! And don't worry about the cheaters since the entire system is being thoroughly monitored.

If any user gets caught cheating, his record and progress are demolished from the website and his results are no longer recorded. And no, there's no one to pass through this high-end filter system! Use only a single cheat hack and that's it! Besides, the space bar counter tests are also used to check the function of the keyboard and its keys.

How to use 15 Seconds Spacebar Counter?

15 Seconds Spacebar Counter can help you check spacebar speed. You can check your spacebar hitting speed with this tool. This tool allows you to press spacebar with your full strength until you run out of time. Here is how you can use this tool to measure your spacebar speed test.

  1. Timer is already set for this counter at 15 seconds.
  2. To Start the game, start tapping spacebar
  3. Keep hitting spacebar until timer reaches zero and stops
  4. Once timer stops, you can check your speed
  5. To play this again, click on the "Restart" button and start tapping on spacebar