SpaceBar Counter 60 Second

The timer will start counting down only after you start pressing the space bar.

Timer: 0 Seconds

You have hit the space bar 0 times.

How 60 seconds space bar counter works?

A 60 second space bar counter is a type of tool or game that involves pressing the space bar on a computer keyboard repeatedly within a 60 second time frame. The goal is typically to see how many times the space bar can be pressed in 60 seconds. The tool or game may display the number of times the space bar has been pressed and may also provide some kind of score or ranking based on the number of times the space bar was pressed within the time limit. The space bar counter may be implemented as a standalone application or as a feature within a larger program or game.

How to use 60 Seconds Spacebar Counter?

60 Seconds Spacebar Counter can help you check spacebar speed. You can check your spacebar hitting speed. This tool allows you to press spacebar with your full strength until you run out of time. Here is how you can use this tool to measure your spacebar speed test.

  1. Timer is already set for this counter at 60 second.
  2. To Start the game, start tapping spacebar
  3. Keep hitting spacebar until timer reaches zero and stops
  4. Once timer stops, you can check your speed
  5. To play this again, click on the "Restart" button and start tapping on spacebar